What is a wildcard mask used for?

What is a wildcard mask used for?

A wildcard mask is a mask of bits that indicates which parts of an IP address are available for examination. In the Cisco IOS, they are used in several places, for example: To indicate the size of a network or subnet for some routing protocols, such as OSPF.

Can you make a transfer and then use free hit?

Any transfers made in the Gameweek before activating the Free Hit chip will be incorporated in your new squad. Any transfer costs or “hits” spent before activating the chip will then be restored. However, it also means that any players sold will return to your squad in the next Gameweek.

How many time can I use Triple captain?

The Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips can each be used once a season and are played when saving your team on the my team page. They can be cancelled at anytime before the Gameweek deadline. The Free Hit chip can be used once a season, is played when confirming your transfers and can’t be cancelled after confirmed.

Can you play your free hit and bench boost at the same time?

Best Times to Use Bench Boost That means that you may not activate your Wildcard and Bench Boost in the same game week. The same goes for Free Hit + Bench Boost or any other FPL chip combination. Don’t worry about the rest of their games no matter how difficult they might be.

Can I use bench boost and triple captain?

The Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips are activated on the “My Team” page, and can be cancelled at any time up to the gameweek’s deadline. Remember, you can only use one chip in any given gameweek.

When should you play bench boost?

To have a chance of maximising its benefits, a Bench Boost can be activated during a “Double Gameweek” when some teams have more than one fixture. Applied in a regular Gameweek the Bench Boost will score you an extra four players’ worth of points.