What does Maddie like Animal Crossing?

What does Maddie like Animal Crossing?

When Maddie’s e-Reader card is scanned in Animal Crossing, she states having an obsession with the internet, something that many peppy villagers mention. This is alluded to in her favorite saying, with “IT” meaning “information technology.”

How do you get maple in Animal Crossing?

How to Find & Get Maple Leaves. in Animal Crossing: New Horizons naturally, you’ll need to be playing during November 16th to 25th in the Northern Hemisphere or May 16th to 25th in the Southern Hemisphere. Mushrooms can be found during the same period of time as well.

What does Maple Animal Crossing like?

She enjoys the usual hobbies, such as; fishing and bug catching, usually to keep her active. As with all other villagers, she will enjoy the player’s company at her house where she may tell the player to “ignore the mess” – a concern she shares with other normal villagers.

What does Maple look like in Animal Crossing?

Appearance. Maple is a brown cub with a beige-tipped snout and paws. She has pale red blush, and is the color of maple syrup. She has a black nose and small, black, shiny eyes.

What kind of gifts does maple like Animal Crossing?

Best Gifts for Maple: Basic, yellow items

Name Type Name Color 2
Harpsichord furniture brown
Kettle furniture yellow
Rope Partition furniture red
Sunflower furniture green

What tier is Maple Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing Cub Tier List

Tier Villager Personality
A Bluebear Peppy
A June Normal
A Maple Normal
A Cheri