What are the rules of the game sticks?

What are the rules of the game sticks?

How to play Sticks A Finger Counting Game for KidsEveryone starts with one finger out on each hand.The players take turns tapping hands. If after being tapped you have to add so many fingers that your total is now over 5, put out the number of fingers past 5. If you end up with exactly five fingers out on one hand, that hand is out.

How do you play the worst nightmare game?

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How do you play the voting game?

The Voting GameASK A QUESTION. Draw a card or make up your own and read it out loud.PICK A FRIEND. Anonymously choose which player is the answer to the question.REVEAL THE VOTE. Laugh as you discover who your friends really are!

How do you play Mindjob?

HOW TO PLAYDistribute black cards evenly to all players. Select NSFW and/or drinking rules for that round. Get it right? Card stays on table. First to slap the card after a mistake gives two cards from their hand to any other player. Player that messed up picks up the rest.