Should I wait for RTX 30 series?

Should I wait for RTX 30 series?

The ray tracing and DLSS are going to become stronger and the price will be cheaper like the 3070 ti will cost less than 2070 super. Well, this is an age old question but, you should’ve waited for the RTX 30 series. They are considerably cheaper than the RTX 20 series and have better bang for the buck.

Will the 20 series RTX price drop?

Will there be any drastic price drops for the rtx 20 series? Probably not. GPU’s in particular rarely drop significantly in price, unless you consider used sales which usually get pretty good discounts.

Is a 2080 Super worth it?

Given how much value NVIDIA stuffed into the 20 Super cards, it’s no surprise that the 2080 Super has a hard time justifying itself. But like the original 2080, it’s a worthwhile card if you can’t swing the $999 for the RTX 2080 Ti. It’s almost as fast, and it’ll still let you game in 4K with most titles.

How much will the 3000 series GPUs cost?

On the September 1st event, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang confirmed that Nvidia’s Ampere top model named RTX 3090 will cost $1499.