Should I dust Hall of Fame cards?

Should I dust Hall of Fame cards?

When cards go to Hall of Fame, they are rotated out of Standard format. They are still part of Wild format, so they can be used in Wild ladder, in some single-player content, and in some Tavern Brawls. If you do not own the cards, you should craft them in golden for maximum dust gain.

Should I disenchant golden cards?

If you’re playing Wild format a lot, the safest approach is to never disenchant anything. If you’re playing Wild a little, or you think that you might get into the format in the future, disenchanting and you’re short on Dust, disenchanting only Golden cards or (currently) bad Legendaries might be an option.

Are wild cards worth disenchanting?

Pros of Disenchanting Wild Hearthstone Cards There is no denying that there are benefits to disenchanting cards that rotate out of Standard each year. Realistically, Wild is not for anyone and unplayed cards are usually better off converted to dust than accumulating it in your collection.