Is Yugi alive in GX?

Is Yugi alive in GX?

[Yugioh] At the start of Yugioh GX, Yugi Muto has been dead for 2 years. What I believe happened was on that fateful day in the market, young Yugi was challenged to a duel, when the challenger lost things got violent and Yugi died. Atem took over and went to the card shop to let Solomon know.

Is Kaiba a good guy?

Kaiba may have failed to defeat Yugi Moto in Duel Monsters (without a threat of suicide), but he always keeps the King of Games on his toes. Despite teaming up with Yugi and his friends in the past, Kaiba never becomes another “good guy” that cheers on from the sidelines.

Why is Kaiba so mean?

From my rough conjectures, he was mean because he had issues with his stepfather, Gozuburo Kaiba. The stepfather pushed younger Seto to the brink of exhaustion. He abused Seto, forced him to study day an night… Another issue is, his younger brother, Mokuba, was kidnapped by Maximillion Pegasus.

Who did Yugi lose?