Is DeSmuMe a virus?

Is DeSmuMe a virus?

Re: Desmume 32 bit (x86) was inflected with Virus? there is no virus in the source.

How do you install MelonDS?

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Does melonDS have multiplayer?

Perhaps the most exciting feature that melonDS offers is local WiFi support for playing multiplayer games together. Some games even work right now, such as Burnout Legends on DS. Even features like Download Play are almost working. melonDS’s local multiplayer support is impressive, but not quite there for general use.

How do you trade in melonDS?

In melonDS Config->Emu settings turned Wifi: bind sockets to any address ON. In melonDS Config TURN LIMIT FRAMERATE OFF! Make sure both your saves have the Pokémon they want to trade and save them in a PokéCenter. Restart both emu instances at once, enter the Union Room with both at about the same time.