How old is Eiko?

How old is Eiko?


Is Eiko or Dagger better?

Dagger is primarily a summoner and Eiko is a better white mage. I’m not a big summoner user, so I always go exclusively for Eiko. Depending on what item you equip on Eiko, you can get Carbuncle to cast different spells (such as haste) instead of reflect. Even Fenrir can get a wind-based summon.

Does KUJA die in ff9?

Kuja probably did died. Garland said he had a limited life span, so even if Zidane manage to save him, Kuja was doom anyways.

Can Quina eat bosses?

“Can I Eat every enemy in the game?” No. Some enemies, specifically bosses, are not edible. If you attempt to eat them anyways, Quina will say “Me no can eat!”. Similarly, not every enemy has it’s own unique Blue Magic spell.

How do I get Quina ff9?

Quina can be recruited to the party on disc 1 after first leaving Lindblum on foot. The party is supposed to make its way to Gizamaluke’s Grotto, but if they visit the Mist Continent Qu’s Marsh, they can meet with Quina and Quale, the latter asking for the party to take Quina along.