How does the GameStop PowerUp card work?

How does the GameStop PowerUp card work?

The credit card rewards depend on which version of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program the customer belongs to. The program comes in two versions: Basic and Pro. Basic membership is free and works by accruing points for purchases at a rate of 10 points per dollar spent.

How much is my GameStop card worth?

Here’s how to check the balance on your GameStop gift card: Refer to GameStop’s balance check page here. Call GameStop at 1- Visit any GameStop store location and ask a cashier to check the balance for you.

Do you get GameStop points for buying gift cards?

20 points will be accumulated for every dollar spent, excluding the purchase of GameStop gift cards. GameStop, in its sole discretion reserves the right to cancel an individual Pro Membership by refunding the purchase price.

Can I use GameStop points in store?

Starting today, all U.S. members can choose to save their points and make selections from the PowerUp Rewards Catalog or receive $5 , $10 or $15 reward certificates that can be used to make purchases in any GameStop store.

How do I use my GameStop reward certificate?

If you’re taking about the reward certificate from the power up rewards points than there are two types of certificates. One strictly for that you input in a promo code/coupon bar at checkout, and one for use in store that you have the store associate scan from your phone or print out.

Can I use GameStop coupons online?

How do I get GameStop coupons? Visit Giving Assistant’s GameStop page to get coupon codes that you can use on your online orders.

How do I get GameStop coupons?

Gamestop Savings TipsSign up for deals to receive exclusive promotions, coupons, and links to GameStop weekly ads exclusive to email list subscribers.Get social with GameStop on Twitter and Facebook for support, community events, and great deals and offers.

How do I use my GameStop monthly coupon online?

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