How do you play the card game Wyvern?

How do you play the card game Wyvern?

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What is the slang word for head?

noggin. The definition of a noggin is an informal, slang term for the human head. 10. 1.

What’s another way of saying heads up?

What is another word for heads-up?notificationindicationpromptwarningwordadvicealertannouncementcautionalarm70

What is another word for notice?

SYNONYMS FOR notice 2 sign, poster. 3 advice, news, notification, announcement. 5 note, cognizance. 7 comment, mention.

How do you spell heads up?

Heads-Up as a Noun You want to give them advance notice, providing them with information that you think they may find useful (so they can prepare for it). In this case, “heads-up” is a noun and it takes a hyphen.

What does keep your head up mean?

It is an expression to stay strong and not let a bad situation make you sad. When we are sad, we tend to look down, and our heads drop an inch or two. So keep your head up, don’t be sad, don’t worry, you get the idea.