How do you play the card game forget?

How do you play the card game forget?

This game will test friendships and answer question you wouldn’t dream of asking. When it’s your turn, read a card that offers a scenario and five potential answers. After the options are read aloud, the reader chooses how many he or she is willing to do and places the corresponding guessing cards face down.

Is Ace high or low in play your cards right?

There were five cards for each team laid out, and they had to guess if the next card was higher or lower — ace being the highest card, and two being lowest.

What does it mean to play your cards close to your chest?

Definition of play/hold/keep one’s cards close to the/one’s chest/vest. : to keep one’s plans, ideas, etc., hidden from other people No one knows if he’s going to run for reelection. He’s still playing his cards close to his chest.

What does close to the vest mean?

Definition of ‘play (it) close to the vest’ 1. to be reserved, secretive, etc.; keep (one’s plans, thoughts, etc.) to oneself. 2. to take no risks; be cautious, conservative, etc.

What does it mean to put all your cards on the table?

Also, put one’s cards on the table. Be open and honest, reveal one’s position or intentions, as in John laid his cards on the table and told her how much they could afford. This expression alludes to showing the hand one holds.