How do you get the keycard in Stranger things?

How do you get the keycard in Stranger things?

Grab it and head inside Hawkins National Laboratory. In this dungeon you can bash cabinets and barrels for money and hearts. There are a few things you can interact with and smash in this room but all you need to do is get the keycard from the chest, then take the north door to the next room.

How do you get the stranger things game?

To access the Dig-Dug style game, just visit and enter the Konami code using your keyboard ( B A) to unlock it. Have fun and let us know how you do!

How do you get 100 in Stranger things?

Stranger Things: The Game 100% CompleteUnlock Max.Collect all 8 Eggos and Unlock Eleven.Collect all 8 VHS Tapes.Collect all 40 Heart Pieces.Collect all 12 Gnomes.Acquire all 11 Character Upgrades.Complete the Side Quests.

Will Byers house filming location?

The Byers house is not located in the same neighbourhood, but quite far away. The house used for filming is located in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Will Byers house location?

ResidencesLocationSetting2980 Piney Wood Drive, East PointHolland house8253 Carlton Road, RiverdaleHarrington house5280 Moore Street, Stone MountainHargrove house930 Garibaldi Street SW, AtlantaLonnie Byers’ House5

Is the mall in Stranger things real?

There’s a reason why the Starcourt Mall, the principal location for the third season of Stranger Things looks so real: it’s built inside of a real shopping mall. Specifically, it was built inside of Georgia’s Gwinnett Place Mall, which was built just a year before the latest season of Netflix’s show is set.

What city was stranger things filmed in?


Where was stranger things filmed in Atlanta?

The majority of filming took place in the town of Jackson, just under an hour’s drive from Atlanta (a short distance in American terms). Specific locales include Emory University, which stood in for Hawkins National Laboratory, and East Point First Baptist Church, which serves as Hawkins General Hospital.

What is Dustin’s favorite brand of candy?

On the show, Dustin is mocked for liking Three Musketeers, but he insists it’s in his Top 3 favorite candy bars. This line is most likely taken straight from Matarazzo, who confirmed that it is indeed in his personal Top 3. The other two are Charleston Chew and Reese’s Fast Break.

Can you visit the stranger things set?

Hey, Mouthbreather: You Can Visit the Real ‘Stranger Things’ Set in Atlanta. The set and tour are located in Atlanta, Georgia, where the majority of the show is filmed.

Where is Hawkins in real life?

Hawkins is part of fictional Roane County in Indiana, but Tennessee is home to an actual Roane County — which isn’t far from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In “Stranger Things,” Hawkins National Laboratory is overseen by the U.S. Department of Energy and overrun by sinister experiments.

Is Hawkins Middle School real?

Hawkins Middle / High School But neither school actually exists. Instead, the show’s producers flipped what was formerly known as Patrick Henry High School located in Stockbridge, Georgia, and made it work for them.

What is Hawkins lab in real life?

The place shown as the Hawkins National laboratory in the show is actually Briarcliff Campus of Emory University, situated in Atlanta. While all the exterior shots of the building were filmed on the site, the scenes inside the laboratory were filmed at Atlanta’s EUE Screen Gems Studio.

Did Hawkins lab create the upside down?

The origin of the Upside Down is unknown even for the scientists at Hawkins Lab. Eleven accidentally opened the portal to this dimension when she came into contact with the Demogorgon during an experiment in the Void, and all missions to explore the Upside Down and its origins have been unsuccessful so far.

Where was stranger things 3 filmed?

Jackson, Georgia remained as primary filming area for scenes in Hawkins’ downtown area. The South Bend Pool in Atlanta served as the Hawkins community pool. The major setpiece of the season, Starcourt Mall, was filmed at a re-dressed Gwinnett Place Mall near Duluth, Georgia.

Will There Be a Stranger things 4?

The fourth season of the American science fiction horror television series Stranger Things, titled Stranger Things 4, was announced by Netflix in September 2019. Production on the season was halted in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and resumed on Septem. …