How do you beat madhouse?

How do you beat madhouse?

5 Crucial Tips for Madhouse Mode in ‘Resident Evil 7’

  1. *Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Resident Evil 7, both in terms of story as well as unlockables. Proceed with caution!
  2. 1.) Come Prepared.
  3. 2.) Live and Die by the Circular Saw.
  4. 3.) Save Ammo for Key Bosses.
  5. 4.) Have the X-Ray Glasses at All Times.
  6. 5.) Use Doors to De-spawn Enemies in the Wrecked Ship.

How do you kill Mia in biohazard?

How to Beat Mia in Resident Evil 7. Examine the door at the end of the hall, then go back the way you came to get ambushed by Mia. Hit the right trigger button a bunch to fend her off, then look at her body. You’ll then get an Axe, which you’ll need to use to fend Mia off again.

Can you unload a gun in RE7?

There’s no way to unload a gun, unfortunately.

How do you take re7 supplements?

Supplements cannot be used normally, and only work as crafting reagents. They can be combined with other types of fluid to make new items: Chem Fluid + Supplements = Psychostimulants. Strong Chem Fluid + Supplements = Neuro Rounds.

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Where can I get solid fuel re7?


  • Courtyard – Yard. Madhouse.
  • Supplies – Main House 1F. Easy.
  • Supplies – Main House 1F. Normal.
  • Dilapidated Room – Old House 1F. Easy.
  • Dilapidated Room – Old House 1F. Normal.
  • Guest Room – Old House 1F. Madhouse.
  • Living Room – Old House 1F. Easy.
  • Living Room – Old House 1F. Normal.

What do you do with strong chemical fluid re7?

Like Chem Fluid, it is used in crafting to create more powerful types of ammo and healing items:

  • Herb + Strong Chem Fluid = Strong First Aid Med.
  • Gunpowder + Strong Chem Fluid = Enhanced Handgun Ammo.
  • Solid Fuel + Strong Chem Fluid = Flame Rounds.
  • Supplements + Strong Chem Fluid = Neuro Rounds.

Where can I get strong chemical fluid?

Strong Chem Fluid: Processing Area, Boiler Room — In an open locker in the corner of the Boiler Room. Gunpowder: Processing Area, Morgue — Beneath the stairs, just above the morgue boss arena on the map.