How do I use my Wildgame SD card reader?

How do I use my Wildgame SD card reader?

Instantly access your trail camera photos or videos on your Android phone. Simply remove the SD card from your trail camera and plug it into the reader’s SD port, then plug the micro-USB on the other side of the reader directly into your phone. With the free QuickPic app, you’re ready to start viewing!

How do I use BoneView SD card reader on Android?

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How do I use bone view on Android?

BoneView Card Reader for Android, Direct Type-C USB + Free Micro USB AdapterQuick-swipe through photos in full screen view.Scan hundreds of photos in thumbnail view.Select one or all to save, share, delete, and more.If your phone does need an app for this visit

Is my phone USB C?

Secondly, the USB cable that comes with your phone should be able to tell you whether your phone supports USB-C or Micro-USB. Forget about the Type-A side (the rectangular-shaped side you plug into a PC). The end that fits into your phone should be oval and rounded if it’s USB-C. Long story short, USB-C is the future.