How do I transfer my 3ds data to my new 3ds?

How do I transfer my 3ds data to my new 3ds?

Complete these stepsFrom the HOME Menu tap the System Settings Icon and then Open.Tap Other Settings.Tap 3 and then System Transfer.Tap Transfer from Nintendo 3DS.Read the information about the transfer and tap Agree.Tap Send from This System.

How do I transfer data from a broken 3ds?

To transfer them you would need to be able to do a system transfer and for that you need both systems working. You will need to give Nintendo a call at 1-and ask them to unlink your NNID from your damaged console so that you may link it to your new system.

Does 3ds system transfer delete?

After performing the transfer, any data on the SD Card of the original system can only be used on the new system, and will not be recognised by the original system. During the transfer, data that is saved on the target unit’s system memory is deleted entirely, and is replaced by the source system’s data.

How do I transfer my 3ds data to my 2ds XL?

Go into System Settings, then Other Settings, and select System Transfer on both systems. Choose transfer from a system in the 3DS family on both systems. Choose “send from this system” on the old 3DS, and “receive from Nintendo 3DS” on your New 2DS XL.

How do I recover my 3ds account?

What to doVisit the Forgot NNID website.Enter the E-Mail Address associated with your account into the appropriate field.Select either Birth Date or Nickname. Select Send.An e-mail with your Nintendo Network ID(s) will be sent to the e-mail address associated to your Nintendo Network account.

Can a Nintendo 3ds be tracked?

Unfortunately, Nintendo is unable to track a stolen system for you. I would recommend talking to your local police department and they can keep their eyes open in case anything comes up.

Does 3ds system transfer delete save data?