How do I get a refund on EA games?

How do I get a refund on EA games?

To refund a game, visit the Request a refund page on EA’s website and sign in with your Origin account. You’ll see a list of games you own that are currently eligible for a refund. Click the Select button to the right of the game you want to refund and click Next.

Can you refund a gifted game on Steam?

A refund may be issued for any gift that was purchased within fourteen days and has been played less than two hours by the gift recipient. Note: To request a refund on a Steam Gift, we will need the gift recipient to first initiate the refund and approve the removal of this purchase from their account.

Does steam track your hours in offline mode?

4. If you play offline in Steam, do you still get the playtime hours … No, it doesn’t track hours.

Who has the most hours on steam?

Most Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)#Steam IDPlaytime (H)1Tuong Do1,784,6862WoogieMonsutā1,667,3893aeon1,560,9414AERViANCE1,

Who has the most games on Steam?

Most Games Ladder (Worldwide)#Steam IDGames1dwight schrute31,8532Sonix27,3643Kongzoola25,7784gt