How do I find my Ffxiv registration code?

How do I find my Ffxiv registration code?

A Note for Steam Users Steam users can find their 20-digit Shadowbringers registration code by navigating to their Steam game library and selecting FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. Once on the FFXIV game page, find the Links section on the right-hand side and select CD key. Your Shadowbringers code will be listed there.

How do I get my registration code for Final Fantasy 14 ps4? Log into your Amazon account and locate your FINAL FANTASY XIV purchase under Your Account and “Digital games and software.” Use the Redeem Product Key button to find your code. Redeem the code on the Mog Station at

Does race matter ff14?

Races, statwise, don’t matter. The amount of stats you get from your race is hidden away behind the stats on your gear which are that much more massive. The extra, maybe 3-5 points won’t matter when your gear has a few thousands of that amount.

Does deity matter in ff14?

Technically the deity affects elemental stats, even though those really do nothing. It’s a small difference in your elemental resistance profile. A few points of resistance means that at most you’ll be taking 10-20 more hp in damage from certain attacks while taking 10-20 less hp from others.