Can you withdraw cash from RCS card?

Can you withdraw cash from RCS card?

RCS Group – New feature alert! You can now get CASH| Facebook.

How much is 1000 smart shopper points worth?

For every 1000 Smart Shopper points you earn, you are entitled to R5 cash back on your Smart Shopper card.

Do smart shopper points expire?

Smart Shopper points are valid for 12 months from the time you earn them. Points that were earned more than 12 months ago and which have not been used will expire and will continue to expire on a rolling month basis.

How does pick and pay online shopping work?

The collection service means their groceries are picked, packed, and waiting for them in the store at a time they have chosen. Customers who purchase products from the website will also receive free delivery on all orders until 31 October 2017.

What is the cheapest online grocery store?

8 Cheapest Ways to Order Groceries Onlinevia Instacart. A number of grocery chains that don’t have their own delivery services up and running are making their products available via an app called Instacart. rvlsoft/Shutterstock. Amazon. via Walmart.

Can I buy online at Pick n Pay?

Pick n Pay Online Shopping.