Can you play Munchkin with 7 players?

Can you play Munchkin with 7 players?

You could, but there’s not enough cards in the base-game to accomodate 7 players. You’ll run out very quickly. IMO you’d need at least one expansion (or another base-game) to play it with more than 6.

What is an epic munchkin?

At that point, instead of ending the game, any characters of Level 10-19 are considered “Epic” and these rules apply to them. (Note that Munchkin 7 – Cheat With Both Hands includes “Epic Junior” cards, which let lower-Level characters use the Epic powers.)

How many levels are there in Munchkin match?

30 cool levels are waiting for you!

Is really impressive title an item?

An Item either has a gold piece value or “No value” printed in the corner. Really Impressive Title has neither of these, so it is not an Item, so it can’t be stolen.

When can you loot the room in Munchkin?

Can you “Loot The Room” after facing and defeating a monster? No, you do not loot the room after defeating a monster. Unless you lose a combat, the end of your turn (before charity and all that) will consist of drawing card(s), either looting the room or drawing treasures.

What do you have to roll to run away in Munchkin?

Running Away Roll the dice. If you get a 5 or more, you escape. If not, read the monster card and do what the “Bad Stuff” is.