Can you gift someone a WoW token?

Can you gift someone a WoW token?

You can gift Bnet Balance and they can use that to buy a sub. Or just give them gold directly and they can buy a token. Tokens are cheap right now so gold is the better option.

Can you gift a game on Battlenet?

To gift an item, click Gift instead of Buy Now on the item’s page. During checkout, enter your friend’s email address. You can copy this code and send it to your friend. Your friend must have a account to claim a game key.

What fans should I buy in WoW?

WoW Them With One Of TheseMonopoly: World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition. WoW Horde Pendant Necklace. Wrath of the Lich King Lady Sylvanas Windrunner Action Figure. Men’s WoW Horde Spray T-Shirt. WoW Alliance Spray T-shirt. Day of the Dragon (Warcraft, book 1) World of Warcraft Cup set of 4.

How long do you have to be friends on Battlenet to gift?

three days

How do I buy wow time with battle net balance?

World of Warcraft subscriptions are recurring payments that recharge once the current game time expires. Some payment methods, such as Blizzard Balance, are not suitable for these types of recurring purchases. If you wish to use one of those payment methods, you can purchase game time from the Blizzard Shop.

How do I buy WoW time for a friend?

You cannot directly gift a recurring WoW Game Time Subscription to your friends. However you can gift Balance which your friend can then use to acquire Game Time, or gift your friend Game Time directly. You must be friends with someone for seven days before you can gift them Balance.

How do I buy WoW time?

To purchase it from the Shop:Go to Account Overview.Select Payment Methods.Add your payment method of choice, then return to the Blizzard Shop.Select World of Warcraft.Select Game Services and choose Game Time.

Why is World of Warcraft so addictive?

World of Warcraft Game Mechanics Some players report losing months, and even years, of their lives planted in front of their computers while questing and leveling their characters. World of Warcraft’s popularity and addicting nature can be traced to the game mechanics design implemented by Blizzard.