Can I use a Google Play card from another country?

Can I use a Google Play card from another country?

Due to region restrictions, you cannot redeem Google Wallet code from outside the US. This is because Google Play Gift Cards are regionalized and can only be redeemed from a specific country’s Play Store.

How do I redeem an Xbox gift card from another country?

Replies (8) Gift cards are region locked and so is not possible to redeem them in a different region. Your friend will need to send you a gift card in your currency.

Are Amazon gift cards region locked?

According to the gift card terms and conditions, an gift card is only redeemable toward the purchase of products on So while the gift card itself is only redeemable in one country, Amazon will accept payment from another.

Can Xbox gift cards be used internationally?

Since the Xbox is region-free, everything is compatible! And by the way, no one we know of has ever been banned from buying abroad if you really only use prepaid gift cards.

What gift cards work internationally?

Some of the best International travel card solutions include:AAA MemberPay Visa Prepaid Card.Green Dot Prepaid Mastercard or Visa Card.TD Connect Reloadable Prepaid Card (fewer fees if you’re already a TD cardholder)Netspend┬« Visa┬« or Mastercard Prepaid Card.PayPal Prepaid Mastercard.

Can I make my Xbox one region free?

Thank you for reaching out to us on the forums with this question, unfortunately there is no way to enable the console to be region free. Take a look at the following support article for more information on Supported regions and rormats for Blu-ray and DVD movies on Xbox One.

How do you pay with a gift card on Xbox Live?

Yes. You can add the regular Xbox gift card to your Microsoft account and then select it as the payment method for your upcoming charge.

What can a Xbox gift card be used for?

With a Microsoft or Xbox gift card, you let the lucky recipient choose the gift they want. There are no fees or expiration dates, and either card can be used to buy: Subscriptions such as Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Popular games, apps, and add-ons.

Can you steal Xbox gift cards?

You can’t.