Can I kill system idle process?

Can I kill system idle process?

You cannot kill the System Idle process. System Idle is the process that runs when the computer has absolutely nothing better to do (in other words it is waiting for some other process to need more CPU resources).

Is System Idle Process a virus?

Is system idle spyware or a virus? The system idle process has always the PID 0 (Process Identification) in the Windows Task Manager, otherwise it is malware. Get more detailed information about system idle and all other running background processes with Security Task Manager.

Why is my CPU temp so high at idle?

Why is my CPU so hot when idle and how to lower it If you are wondering what your CPU temperature so high, then first, you need to check your CPU cooler. Most of the time this hardware is the core problem of CPU heating. If your CPU cooler is old i.e more than 3-4 years then you need to replace it and buy a new cooler.

Why does my CPU always run at 100?

The CPU maxing out can be caused by a lot of different issues which include startup programs, antivirus, malware, drivers, and many others. It can even be hardware or heat. Try these : If using an SSD or hybrid hard drive be sure it has the latest firmware.