Are damaged MTG cards tournament legal?

Are damaged MTG cards tournament legal?

These are not legal for tournament use. While some official tokens exist, it is not required that they be used during tournament play. The card is not damaged or modified in a way that might make it marked. Significantly creased cards can be distinguished from other cards in a deck, even sleeved.

Are contraptions legal in Commander?

In Commander, Contraptions do not count as a part of the 100 cards deck.

Is Mox Lotus legal in Commander?

As you can see official, Mox Lotus is only legal in the Un-Set format. So you would be unable to play in any official tournament with this, unless the tournament allowed un-set cards. Of course, if you are just playing at your house or somewhere for fun, then feel free to use whatever house rules you all can agree on.

What happens when you kill a mutated creature?

The creature stack changes zones together. So, when the mutated creature is killed or exiled, all creatures in the stack die or get exiled. When the mutated creature is returned from exile (such as removing a Banishing Light), you get them all back, separately.

Is a mutated creature one permanent?

Rather, it merges with the target creature and becomes one object represented by more than one card or token (see rule 721, “Merging with Permanents”). The spell’s controller chooses whether the spell is put on top of the creature or on the bottom. The resulting permanent is a mutated permanent.

Can a mutated creature attack?

When a mutation happens, it doesn’t summon a new creature but rather mutates the existing creature into something new. No summoning sickness here, so if you mutate a creature that has already gone through an upkeep or that has haste, it can attack right away. A mutation doesn’t cause a tap or untap.

Can you mutate onto a changeling?

Changelings are human, so you can’t mutate them.

Does mutate trigger beast whisperer?

It is still a creature spell, of that name, with the CMC of the original card (not the mutate cost). You will draw a card off Beast Whisperer for it, for example. “Whenever this creature mutates” abilities will trigger both for the mutator and the creature it targeted.

Does mutate trigger itself?

Yes. When your Illuna resolves and mutates on top or bottom of the non-Human you targeted, any and all “whenever this creature mutates” abilities will trigger. That includes Illuna’s ability itself, as well as any abilities that were on the creature prior to Illuna mutating onto it.