What does a 2nt opening bid mean?

What does a 2nt opening bid mean?

An opening bid of 2NT shows a balanced hand with 20-22 points. It can have a 5 card suit (5332 shape), major or minor. RESPONDING TO A 2NT OPENING BID.

Is 2nt a forcing bid?

If responder bids game, opener's rebid should be pass.) Similarly, any jump bid by either partner in an uncontested auction promises a rebid (unless their partner passes or bids game). Finally, it should be noted that a 2 over 1 bid by responder (in a new suit) is forcing to 2NT.

What does a 2nt response mean in bridge?

The Jacoby 2NT convention is an artificial, game-forcing response to a 1 or 1. opening bid. The 2NT response shows 4+ trump support with 13+ points.

Is a new suit bid by opener forcing?

If opener bids a new suit at the two-level, it is considered semi-forcing if you bid a suit at the one level (ie, forcing unless you have a bare 6-7 points) and is usually played as forcing if you bid at the 2 level (in a new suit).

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