Is the AK-47 good in jailbreak?

Is the AK-47 good in jailbreak?

The AK-47 (also being called the AK for short) is a russian automatic weapon in Jailbreak found at the Gun Shop 1, Gun Shop 2, and the Military Base….Overview.

Damage Excellent Range Excellent
The AK-47 does 6 Damage per shot which is tied with the Uzi The AK-47 performs well at medium and long ranges.

Is the Volt bike faster than the Bugatti?

They are both faster than the roadster (in top speed) and neither UFO as much. Chiron if you have more money, and Lambo if u r short on money. Lambo is faster than Volt bike and even Stock Bugatti and Stock Torpedo are faster than Volt bike but they gain speed the longer the road is.

Where can I get sniper jailbreak?

Players can obtain the Sniper inside both of the Gun Shops and the Military Base War Room.

Is volt bike faster than Lamborghini?

Because the Volt bike is slightly faster than the Jet or the same speed. I tested it and at level 5 engine, the Lamborghini beats the Volt bike. Lamborghini= 40 seconds Volt bike 44 seconds.

What is the fastest bike in jailbreak?

The acceleration from standstill to top speed takes under five seconds, making the Volt one of the quickest accelerating vehicles in Jailbreak. It competes with the Roadster, Jet, and the Dune Buggy.

How much is a volt bike?

VoltBike Enduro Review A value priced mountain bike at $1,999 ($2,499 in Canada) with a mid-drive system, full suspension, integrated headlight, and hydraulic brakes.

How fast is a torpedo car?

With a zero-to-60-mile-per-hour time of 10 seconds and top speed of about 120 mph, the Tucker was one of the fastest cars around. A four-speed manual gearbox or optional three-speed Tuckermatic (automatic) transmission completed the drivetrain.

Is the torpedo coming back in jailbreak?

When Season 3 began, the spawn for the Torpedo was replaced by the JB8 and the car was made unobtainable. Since its spawn at the Evil Lair was removed, it did not naturally appear in the Jailbreak map, making it impossible to buy new.

Where is the arachnid in Jailbreak 2020?

In the Season 2 Update, the Arachnid spawn was moved from next to the Camaro to the middle of the 3 blue carpets. Before, the Arachnid and Camaro were in front of the waterfall side-by-side. The Arachnid was used as the primary promotional vehicle for all of the art/graphics made promoting the Garage V1 Update.

How much does the jailbreak torpedo cost?

The Torpedo, also known as the Koenigsegg Agera, is a now unobtainable special/supercar vehicle added in the 2018 Winter Update. It cost $750,000 and required players to unlock it by reaching a certain Criminal level during Event Seasons 1 and 2.