Is special A over?

Is special A over?

‘Special A’ season 1 released on April 7, 2008 and came to an end on September 15, 2008.

Is special a real?

Special is based on the true story of Ryan O’Connell’s life as a gay man with cerebral palsy. Speaking to Vulture in the lead-up to Special being released on Netflix, O’Connell said: “I had been keeping my disability secret, because what happens in the show actually happened to me.”

Who is Finn in special A?

Finn Coupe Schuzette

Does plastic memories have a happy ending?

Short answer: it’s a sad ending.

What should I watch if I like special A?

7 Anime Like “Special A”

  • Special A.
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
  • Ouran High School Host Club.
  • Fruits Basket.
  • Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)
  • Toradora!
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)
  • Lovely★Complex.

Is there any anime similar to Maid Sama?

If you enjoyed Special A, you will most definitely like Kaichou wa Maid-sama too. both are really similar, as many others have recommended.

What genre of anime is Maid Sama?

Romantic comedy

Is the anime Maid Sama good?

Artistically Maid-sama is strong. I did enjoy the character designs and the frequent use of deformed and chibi characters to complement the series comedy. The art really brings out the emotions of Misaki and Usui and is able to speak volumes about their feelings for one another even with nothing is being said.

Does Maid Sama have Season 2?

Unfortunately, the creator of Maid Sama did not have any announcement regarding season 2. The manga was done in 2013 with 18 total volumes. The first season was released from April to September 2010 with 26 episodes.

Is Maid Sama romance?

Maid-Sama! is a better romance anime than Ouran because the main storyline focuses on the development of Misaki and Takumi’s romantic bond for one another as opposed to Ouran, wherein the storyline is centered on the lives of all the host club members.

Why is Maid Sama so popular?

Maid Sama tells a standard, fairly cliche high school romance shoujo story, but a story can have cliches and still be enjoyable. So when a shoujo anime becomes popular it has the chance to become really popular since there is straight up less competition.

Who does Takumi Usui end up with?

Despite never attaining his grandfather’s approval (which is explained as him being just a stubborn old man), in chapter 85, Usui is wed to Misaki in the walker family’s castle’s church and has become a doctor for his family (to be able to cure/improve his brother’s and grandfather’s health; also being called a genius …

Why did Maid Sama anime end?

Like several other deserving anime, J.C. Staff shelved Maid Sama Season 2 as well. The studio has not announced a renewal and has refused to talk about the second season. One of the main reasons behind the stalling of the anime is the end of its source material.

What chapter does the maid sama anime end?

chapter 32

Why didn’t Maid Sama get a second season?

This series had so much potential for a second season, and the manga had ended 2/3 years after the first season had finished airing. Also the first season was rated and had an overall position reception.

Is there a maid sama OVA?

An OVA connected to the Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama series.

Who does Hinata Shintani end up with?

In the final chapter, Hinata eventually weds Suzuna, who revealed her inner feelings for him. It is also shown that since Usui married Misaki and he married Suzuna, this makes the two of them brothers-in-law.

Is Misaki Ayuzawa a boy?

Misaki is young girl with an average height and figure.

How can I be like Usui Takumi?

He’s a gentle mix of sexy and funny. Fangirling aside, if you really want to be like him. You’ll have to work hard. Maybe try to learn his composed character, his humbleness, his sometimes goofy attitude, be a gentleman, learn his ways etc.

What is Usui Takumi first name?

Takumi Walker