Is Model O too light?

Is Model O too light?

The $50 Glorious Model O is an incredibly lightweight mouse weighing in at only 67 grams versus other wired gaming mice that weigh in over 100 grams. The Model O is a wired mouse that feels wireless. It has a high-quality sensor and a fairly basic range of buttons, but it should suffice for many gamers.

Do lighter mice improve aim?

For FPS games, lighter is generally better. That being said, you can aim just fine with a heavier mouse as well (as long as it’s not too heavy), a lot of CS pros use mice that are 90-100grams and have some of the best aim out there. The most important thing is shape, then weight.

Are lighter mice really better?

Heavier mice “reduce the sensitivity” of the mouse so that you have greater control over how much the mouse moves. Too light and just a little force will make the mouse fly well beyond what you mean it too. In the end, it’s a preference and a tolerance that depends on your muscle memory and arm power.

How heavy is the g502 without weights?

121 grams with no additional weights.

Should I put weights in my mouse?

Some games may require exact motions, so a heavier mouse helps. Some games require quick motions, so a lighter mouse helps. Adjusting the mouse’s weight is one way of making it comfortable to use. Psychologically, some people also feel that a heavier mouse is better class, and a lighter one feels cheap.

Is 100g too heavy for a mouse?

Most competitive players prefer mouse under 100g. If your play single player games it doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable using it. The way most people weigh mice is without cable. The cable doesn’t really feel as heavy as its actual weight because it is usually pretty flexible.

Does mouse weight affect aim?

Usually heavier mice allow you for better accuracy with your pointer. But it does make lifting the mouse a huge drag. Of course the weight of the mouse does also affects the type of grip you use on the mouse. So when you are choosing a mouse always think these things through.

Do you aim better with a smaller mouse?

Mouse size doesn’t have much to do with it imo. I’ve used large mice, small mice, in the middle and I find with practice my aim is very close on all of them. Smaller mice relative to your hand size are sometimes easier to micro adjust, as in you can drag the mouse toward the base of your palm or to the sides.

How do you get used to a heavy mouse?

To get used to your mouse, play accuracy-based flash games or do minesweeper speed runs for about 5 hours straight. That got me used to my Abyssus after switching from an old MS Wireless Optical. Yeah honestly, the best way to get used to it is just play a bunch of games and after a week or so you won’t even notice.

Can you get used to any mouse?

Conclusion. It’s not at all uncommon for a new computer mouse to feel a little awkward to use at first. As with most things, with a little bit of time and practice, and maybe a few tweaked settings, you can very quickly get back into the swing of things with your new mouse.

How do you get used to a vertical mouse?

Proper Way to Hold a Vertical Mouse

  1. Make sure all of your fingers are relaxed on the mouse, including your thumb.
  2. Rest the weight of your hand on the side of your pinky finger and hand.
  3. There should be little pressure or even contact on the soft, underside of your wrist.