How do I make my phone flair?

How do I make my phone flair?

To change your flair, on a subreddit that allows users to change their own flair, simply locate your username on the sidebar. Next to your username is some text that says (“change flair”), click that. This will bring up a window with options, should you be able to change your flair on that subreddit.

Who has the highest karma on Reddit?


Can I see who follows me on Reddit 2020?

u/SusiumQuark1 is right, you can’t see who’s following you. But it’s worth noting that “following” you is essentially the same as subscribing to a subreddit, except with things you post on your user page.

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Can I see who viewed my Reddit profile?

You can see these stats on new reddit from and going to the ‘profile moderation page’ link at the bottom. My profile has 700 views this month? Edit:last?

Can you see search history on Reddit?

Push the 3 dots in the upper right. Then select “yourname profile”, then select “overview for” at the top of the screen. You’ll see lots of options. There’s not currently a way to see your viewed post history.

How do you see traffic on Reddit?

We’ve updated subreddit traffic pages to include data from all first-party platforms – desktop, mobile, and mobile-web. You can find them at r/subredditname/about/traffic (or via the traffic stats link in the mod tools section in your sidebar).

What country uses Reddit the most?

United States

Can you hide your Reddit profile?

You can’t. The only thing that would be hidden is if you’re posting or commenting in a private subreddit and that other user is not a part of.

How does Reddit anonymous work?

You can use Anonymous Browsing when you want to browse the Reddit mobile app without associating your Reddit activity (like your Reddit searches or the communities you view) with your Reddit account. While you’re Anonymous Browsing, Reddit won’t: Use your Reddit activity to personalize your recommendations.

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How do you anonymously browse on Reddit?

To access this feature, tap on your profile picture and then tap on your username to open a list of your accounts. You’ll notice that the new Anonymous Browsing option (next to the Snoo in the fancy teal sunglasses) has replaced the old anonymous option (the Snoo with a bag over its head).

Can you delete your history on Reddit?

To delete your Reddit history, you can head to the “Overview” section of your profile and delete posts one-by-one. You can also delete your entire Reddit history at once using the “Nuke Reddit History” extension for Google Chrome.

Can you delete activity on Reddit?

You can’t easily delete Completed Tasks on web. You would have to uncomplete each Completed Task one by one. Then select them all and Delete.

Does Reddit app keep history?

The official Reddit app has a [History] section that keeps track of every post you’ve ever clicked on.

Does nuke Reddit history work?

Using Nuke Reddit History In a few steps, everything you’ve ever said on Reddit can be removed forever. Unlike many other Chrome extensions, this one doesn’t do much on its own. Before you install it, you also have to install the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) extension.

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How do you delete hidden history on Reddit?

Click on the lines and the drop-down menu will pop up. Scroll down and click on ‘History’. A list of sites appears. You can choose to delete individual sites or you can delete all sites.

Can others see my hidden posts on Reddit?

No. Don’t post stuff that you don’t want others to see. If you post or comment in a private subreddit, only people with access to that subreddit will see those on your user page.

Does your karma go down if you get Downvoted?

However, as far as we are concerned, karma is earned for both comments and posts. When one of your comments or posts is ‘up-voted’ karma is applied to your account. Equally, when your comments or posts are ‘down-voted’, you lose karma. One thing to be aware of is ‘vote-fuzzing’.