Does 10 or 25 man drop more loot?

Does 10 or 25 man drop more loot?

For Cataclysm and MoP raids where you can choose between 10 and 25 (everything except Siege of Org) you should run 25 to get the most drops. For Siege of Org and later, as well as Black Temple and Ulduar, raid size doesn’t matter. If you go in solo, they will be set to 10 (the minimum flex.)

Do Firelands Mounts drop on 10 man?

On 10 man heroic, the mount from Ragnaros, DOESNT DROP.

Can you solo Firelands at 100?

90 if you’re good, closer to 100 if you’re not.

Do Firelands Mounts drop on normal?

This mount is a VERY low drop rate from Normal 10/25 man Ragnaros from the level 85 raid Firelands. When you fight Ragnaros in Firelands on Heroic mode, there will always be one of these mounts dropped.

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How many times can you run Firelands a week?

While solo transmog farming runs may be slower as a result, mount farmers can now run the raid twice per week, on Normal and Heroic. This change was not mentioned in the official 8.2.

Can Alysrazor fly Flametalon?

Flametalon of Alysrazor – Doesn’t fly.

How do I get Flametalon?

Flametalon of Alysrazor (aka Flaming Anzu) is a rare epic ground mount that drops from the elemental firehawk boss, Alysrazor, in the Firelands. It has a 4% drop rate and requires 150 riding skill to ride. It is available in both 10-player and 25-player versions of the raid, as well as in Normal and Heroic modes.

Can you still get smoldering egg of Millagazor?

The Smoldering Egg of Millagazor drops after defeating Ragnaros in the Firelands, and is a rare drop on both normal and heroic.

How many mounts drop in Firelands?

Firelands has 2 mounts, both with a 2% drop rate. One drops from the first boss and is easily farmable while the other one drops from the last one, you can run both normal and heroic weekly since they won’t lock each other out. There are also 2 tier sets (normal and heroic) and some pets.

Do you have to kill all bosses to get to Ragnaros?

You have to kill all the bosses or Ragnaros won’t spawn, just like always. You have to kill all the bosses in order to get Rag to spawn. I highly suggest you plan at least 2-3 hours to get through it.

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Can you skip bosses in Firelands?

So I discovered it’s possible to do the Firelands raid, on public servers, in just under 5 minutes by skipping all bosses except Alysrazor/Ragnaros. You need a level 110 or 120 character, with a fall damage spell/toy/object, to do this. I tested this with a paladin having Divine Shield, blocked the fall damage.

Do Firelands Mounts drop on normal and heroic?

This item drop from Ragnaros in Firelands on both normal and heroic difficulty.